ModelMotor Power (Watts)VoltageRated CurrentMeatball SpecificationsWork EfficiencySpindle SpeedWeight (kg)Dimensions
Automatic Molding Meatball Machine1100W220V/50Hz9.3AØ16/Ø18/Ø20/Ø22/Ø24/Ø26/Ø28280 pieces/min315r/min74KG76X30.5X126.5CM

Qingshunfu Kitchen Utensils Equipment Factory

  • Introduction: This automatic meatball machine is based on the current production of meatballs supporting the needs of development and production of materials made of high quality stainless steel and copper parts made of, Meet the hygienic standard, the appearance of the machine looks beautiful, covers an area of less, power consumption province, high efficiency, meatballs per minute can produce about 280 There are large, large, medium and small die three optional), plus meatballs, fish balls, jujube the best food machinery.
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