ModelAG-18 Meatball BeaterAG-22 Meatball BeaterAG-30 Meatball Beater
Motor Power (Watts)1100W1500W2200W
Work Efficiency2KG/次2.5KG/次4KG/次
Rotating Speed2800r/min2800r/min2800r/min
Weight (kg)25KG31KG40KG

Qingshunfu Kitchen Utensils Equipment Factory

  • Introduction: This product is based on the actual situation with reference to foreign drawings developed, with nice, durable, easy operation and maintenance, efficient power saving, etc. Features, processing pork balls, beef balls, fish balls the ideal device, since its inception by users.    This product once installed amount of meat 2-8 pounds (large, medium and small), boot 2-3 minutes to complete the meat, ingredients, stir into pulp than hand Hammer the meat pulp fine, produced meatballs, fish balls flexible, white color. The machine installed meat barrel are made of stainless steel to meet the health requirements, Meat barrel housing and bottom of the bucket with cooling device to ensure that the meat fresh.
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