Model52CM Poultry Slaughter Machine57CM Poultry Slaughter Machine63CM Poultry Slaughter Machine78CM Poultry Slaughter Machine

78CM Poultry Slaughter Machine(Thicken)

Motor Power (Watts)750W1100W
Cylinder Diameter52CM57CM63CM78CM78CM
Work Efficiency3-4 Pcs5-6 Pcs7-8 Pcs8-10 Pcs8-10 Pcs/A Dog
Weight (kg)54KG55KG72KG98KG113KG

Qingshunfu Kitchen Utensils Equipment FactoryQingshunfu Kitchen Utensils Equipment Factory

  • Introduction: Qing Shun series of poultry hair removal machines are small, medium, large, large, extra large, for chicken, duck, goose slaughter automatic hair removal, A one-time removal of feathers, fine hair, paws and their skin dirt, so you get rid of dirty and tired manual labor, the operation of the machine Simple, labor-saving, time-saving, work efficiency is equivalent to more than a dozen people's manual work, by hotels, canteens and poultry products processing households Appreciate.
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