ModelQP-L105 Equipment Meat CutterQP-L300 Equipment Meat Cutter
Motor Power (Watts)750W1500W
Weight (kg)30KG54KG
Slice Speed330r/min330r/min
Work EfficiencyMeat Slices 300/Pork 130(kg/h)Meat Slices 800/Pork 400(kg/h)
Transmission Belt ModelA900B950
Knife Spacing2.5/3/4/5/6/7mm/Customized(The Default Knife Spacing 3mm)3/4/5/6/7mm/Customized(The Default Knife Spacing 3mm)


  • Introduction: Vertical slicing machine is our factory to meet the needs of the market and carefully designed and manufactured two new meat slicer. Its handsome in appearance, Compact and durable. Applicable to cut boneless meat and other similar mustard with elastic food, is hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants, etc. Unit place indispensable meat processing machinery. The machine configuration single-phase, three-phase power motor, for the user to choose.
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