ModelWS-H20A Double-Rotation Double Speed MixerWS-H30A Double-Rotation Double Speed Mixer
Motor Power (Watts)1100W1500W
Weight (kg)91KG100KG
Dough Capacity8KG/Times12KG/Times
Hook Speed210/110(r/min)210/110(r/min)
Drum Speed18/10(r/min)18/10(r/min)


  • Introduction: Double-acting double-speed powerful and noodle machine with handsome in appearance, stable performance, strong power, durable, high efficiency. It uses the high-speed rotating auger and low-speed operation of the stainless steel cylinder differential between the face of the group to push, pull, pressure, soft Etc., so that the dough and a variety of raw materials fully mixed and hydrated, thereby increasing dough water absorption and dough reinforcement. Quality for production Amount of bread.     Create good conditions. At the same time this product can also be used to stir other foods.
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