ModelAGQJ300-120 Multifunctional Meat Grinder
Motor Power (Watts)1100W
Weight (kg)57KG
FunctionGround Meat/Cut Meat
Rotating SpeedGround Meat: 370r/min Cut Meat: 425r/min
Work EfficiencyGround Meat: 120kg/h Cut Meat: (Meat Slices: 300kg/h Pork 150kg/h)
Meat Grinder SpecificationsCutter Diameter Ø62mm
Knife Spacing2.5/3/4/5/6/7/8/9MM(The Default Knife Spacing 3mm)


  • Introduction: This machine will cut meat, meat two functions set in one, with meat and meat their own characteristics: cut meat, meat through the clutch Optional automatic selection can be shut down without clutch. Convenient and fast, with a compact, beautiful, easy to operate, high efficiency, power consumption Less, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and health advantages. Is a hotel, restaurant, meat processing plants, factories, military agencies canteens and other single Bit processing of boneless meat ideal processing machinery.
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